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pvc medical tubing hand

Plastics – more than straws and cotton buds

Plastics have paved the way for significantly longer lives due to treatments that no one could have imagined before polymers got their breakthrough. Words by Ole […]
PVC massage balls seen at Medica 2016

5 things I learned at Medica 2016

Today is the last day of the annual ’Medica Madness.’
Facts about PVC blood bags

4 facts about PVC blood bags in 1 infographic

PVC is the number 1 polymer for disposable plastics-based medical devices. One of the key application areas are blood bags.
PVC blood bags

Moving medical technology forward with PVC

PVC blood bags have been used since the Korean War as they proved much safer and more convenient than glass containers. And over the years, DEHP-plasticised […]
PVCMed member Eastman Chemical Company

Several alternatives to phthalates of concern

Soft, or plasticised, PVC is the main type of PVC used in healthcare applications. Some of the phthalates used to make PVC soft have been targeted by […]
PVCMed at Medica 2015

#1 lesson from Medica: No modern healthcare without plastics

A few months ago I was at Medica in Düsseldorf, the world’s largest medical fair. As I wandered through the 14-some exhibition halls, it dawned upon […]