How to turn single-use medical devices into durable hospital wall covering

See how disposable PVC medical devices become durable and aesthetic hospital wall covering through an environmentally benign recycling process. Watch long version.

Circular PVC initiatives at The MedTech Forum 2022

The MedTech Forum is the largest health and medical technology industry conference in Europe. PVCMed Alliance and VinylPlus® Med were invited to share experiences on circular healthcare at this year's MedTech Forum. Read more.

Vinyl in hospitals: aesthetics, functionality and cost-efficiency

Discover how vinyl and hospital interiors are a perfect match. The material gives architects free rein, and ensures patient safety, low cost and environmental responsibility. Also available as a booklet.

5 reasons why plastics are essential to patient and health worker safety

Plastics are everywhere in healthcare – from blood bags over flooring to high-tech equipment for diagnosis and treatment. Discover 5 reasons why polymers are essential to the safety of patients and healthcare workers. Download infographic.

The benefits of PVC recycling in hospitals

COVID-19 has highlighted the crucial role played by single-use plastic medical devices in the prevention and control of infection in hospitals. The dramatic increase in the need of disposable devices has shed light on the challenges of properly managing and discarding them after use. Proper sorting and recycling of non-infectious plastic waste can both significantly reduce hospitals' environmental impact and waste management costs. Discover more.

5 facts on blood bags

Blood containers, popularly known as blood bags, are one of the key application areas for PVC. In fact, blood transfusion services all around the world depend on the qualities of PVC bags. Download the infographic to learn more about PVC blood bags.

The Curious Patient: PVC in Healthcare

Have you ever wondered why there is so much plastics in hospitals? Watch this short video to find out.

VinylPlus® Med – committed to sustainability in healthcare

Building on the success of the VinylPlus-funded RecoMed recycling scheme of PVC masks and tubing, VinylPlus now launches VinylPlus® Med – a collaborative partnership to accelerate sustainability in European healthcare.

RecoMed - recycling single use PVC medical devices

How can recycling of PVC medical devices help with education?

Interview with Delanie Bezuidenhout, PVC specialist, Adcock Ingram, who explains how used PVC IV bags are turned into school shoes for disadvantaged children in South Africa.

PVC123 – Canada's first medical PVC recycling pilot

PVC medical recycling in Australia & New Zealand