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VinylPlus progress report 2015

VinylPlus Progress Report 2015 released

VinylPlus announces nearly half million tonnes of PVC recycled and a stronger commitment to contribute to climate mitigation With 481,018 tonnes of PVC waste recycled in […]
PVC bag

Report shows there are numerous safe plasticisers for PVC medical devices

The PVCMed Alliance is pleased to have contributed to the report “Alternatives to classified phthalates in medical devices” which outlines the benefits of plasticised PVC for […]
pvc medical devices

PVC organisations collaborate to promote the value of PVC use in healthcare

Brussels, 31 October 2012. Today the PVCMed Alliance was launched to promote the use and value of PVC in healthcare applications. PVCMed is an alliance of the […]
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Critical review contests allegations on the potential health risks linked to PVC blood bags

A recent critical review commissioned by the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM), contests a life-cycle assessment (LCA) carried out by the PVCfreeBloodBag project, which concluded […]