About us

PVCMed Alliance is The European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers'​ value chain platform to raise awareness and promote informed decisions about the use of PVC in healthcare. The Alliance was established in 2012.

Our vision

The vision that informs PVCMed Alliance’s work is of a healthcare environment that best benefits patients and healthcare professionals. Such an environment offers the finest PVC-based products and applications with the required properties and excellence needed to provide top quality health care while being environmentally sustainable.

Our mission

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Represent the PVC resin & plasticiser producers and PVC converters

active in healthcare applications
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Proactively engage in PVC & healthcare related debates

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Communicate about PVC healthcare applications

and their fundamental role in the quality of healthcare, safety and cost-efficiency
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Provide a focal point for information and dialogue

with healthcare professionals and managers, medical device companies and regulators
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Encourage recycling activities

for PVC-based healthcare waste

Join us

If you are interested in becoming a member of PVCMed Alliance or would like to receive more information, please write info@pvcmed.org.

Meet the leadership


Brigitte Dero

Tel. +32 2 676 72 51

Brigitte Dero obtained her PhD in Molecular Biology in 1988 by working on a special programme of the World Health Organisation on parasitic diseases. She then focused on metals by specialising in toxicology at the Atomic Energy Commissariat in France and in ecotoxicology in the Netherlands.

She subsequently began working for the Belgian cadmium-producing industry, and she joined EUROMETAUX, the European Association which represents the non-ferrous metals industry vis-à-vis the European Institutions. After nine years representing the metals industry, she joined Cefic in 1999, where she became Director of the Plastic Additives Platform and ESPA's secretary general. Currently, Dr. Dero is General Manager of ECVM and VinylPlus®.

Project Manager

Ole Grøndahl Hansen

Tel. +45 3330 8630

Ole Grøndahl Hansen is a Master of Arts in literature from University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 1995 General Manager of PVC Information Council Denmark.

Ole has been working with PVC-related issues for almost a quarter of a century. Main areas of interest are the use of PVC in medical applications, recycling, and PVC in art and design. Since 2012 Project Manager of PVCMed Alliance.


Tobias Johnsen

Tobias has been working as consultant for PVCMed Alliance since 2015.

PVCMed Alliance is part of the ECVM family

PVCMed Alliance is organised under the umbrella of the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers.

ECVM represents the six leading European PVC resin manufacturers, accounting for around 75% of the PVC resin manufactured in Europe.

ECVM is a division of PlasticsEurope, the trade association representing the plastic manufacturers in Europe.

A founding member of VinylPlus®, ECVM is committed to sustainable development, and to address and promote health safety and environmental best practices over the PVC life cycle.

Besides PVC4Pipes, ECVM has two other value chain platforms: PVC4Pipes for PVC in piping systems and PVC4Cables for PVC in cables.