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Fighting Ebola with PVC

Health workers are in the frontline during Ebola outbreaks. Personal protective equipment made of PVC and PVC-based medical devices help in the fight against the virus.
drone delivery blood robust container

Robust blood containers enable drone delivery

Robust blood containers are key To make dropping from the air possible, a robust blood container is needed. Fortunately, the sturdy PVC plastic is the material […]
pvc medical recycling RecoMed

How to recycle PVC medical devices with RecoMed: an expert explains

What is RecoMed? RecoMed is a unique UK-wide take-back scheme that recycles PVC used in healthcare. It helps anaesthetists and clinical teams to increase recycling and […]
recycle pvc

150 hospitals in Australia and New Zealand to recycle PVC medical devices by end of 2018

The Vinyl Council of Australia announces that it aims to expand its succesfull PVC medical recycling programme to 150 hospitals in Australia and New Zealand by […]

Healthcare in the circular economy

Circular economy is on top of the agenda everywhere. From the EU over national governments to organisations and businesses, the discussion about how to switch from […]
world blood donation day 2018

PVC is there when blood is needed

Today is WHO World Blood Donor Day where donors are celebrated for their life-saving gifts. Access to blood is vital for many treatments, and every day […]