10 Key Reasons to Choose PVC in Healthcare Applications

This short brochure gives 10 good reasons to specify PVC products in healthcare. Also available in print. Contact us for free copies.

1. High safety

PVC, also known as vinyl, has been safely used in disposable medical device applications for over 60 years.

2. Wide diversity

PVC is extensively used throughout the healthcare industry including in catheters and cannulae, blood bags, containers for intravenous solution giving sets etc.

3. The widest range of benefits

PVC has made it possible for patients and healthcare professionals to access many medical applications thanks to its many properties.

4. The best value for money in healthcare

None of the alternatives to PVC in healthcare offer the same price-performance ratio.

5. Limitless design capabilities

There are almost infinite design options with PVC.

6. Low carbon footprint

The magnitude of CO2 emissions for PVC from extraction of raw materials to production of the finished resin is comparatively low. PVC’s footprint is equivalent to that of a box of cereals and recycled PVC has an even lower carbon footprint.

7. Continuous innovation

Companies within the PVC value chain have invested in research and innovation and have progressively made available a wide range of plasticisers, such as DINCH, DEHT, TOTM, ATBC and many more.

8. Less fossil fuel

...than all other commodity plastics. PVC is made from 57% salt and 43% oil.

9. Recyclability

Through VinylPlus, the PVC industry has developed numerous recycling schemes including in the healthcare sector.

10. Less primary energy

...than all other commodity plastics.