The Safety of PVC Medical Devices Explained

PVC is the most widely used plastic material for medical devices. Despite the popularity, concerns about the safety of PVC medical devices material have been expressed. Click on the infographic to learn why PVC is safe to use.
The Safety of PVC Medical Devices Explained infographic

Billions of Safe Patient Days

PVC medical devices have been used for billions of patient days of acute and chronic exposure without report of any effects.

Compliance with Medical Regulations

PVC medical devices have undergone strict regulatory review by many government and independent health agencies around the world.

Long History of Use

PVC has a long history of use in a variety of medical applications, including blood bags, IV kits, catheters, and oxygen mask. One of the first medical applications was during the Korean War when PVC replaced unsafe breakable containers of glass.

Environmentally Responsible Waste Management

Thanks to modern pollution control technologies, troublesome emissions from incineration can be greatly reduced. Also, recycling schemes for medical PVC devices are in place in the UK, Australia, Thailand, and New Zealand.

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