Need quick information on the use of PVC in healthcare? Click on the infographics to learn more.

5 Facts on PVC Blood Bags

Blood containers, popularly known as blood bags, are one of the key application areas for PVC. In fact, blood transfusion services all around the world depend on the qualities of PVC. Learn more about PVC blood bags in this infographic.


The Safety of PVC Medical Devices Explained

PVC is the most widely used plastic material for disposable medical devices. Despite the popularity, concerns about the safety of PVC medical devices have been expressed. Click on the infographic to learn why PVC is safe to use.


4 Reasons Why PVC Medical Devices are Safe

Click on the infographic for 4 reasons why PVC medical devices are safe to use.


PVC in Medical Devices – the Basics

Learn about the basics of PVC in medical devices in this infographic.