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PVCMed Alliance at Medical Plastics Conference

PVCMed well represented at Medical Plastics Conference

Tomorrow and Wednesday the 3rd The Medical Plastics Conference is held in Brussels. Under the headline Converging Technologies into the Medical Device Arena – A New Era […]
Vinyl flooring in hospitals

Why PVC flooring is popular in hospitals

PVC flooring is found in healthcare facilities all around the world.

UK recycling scheme for medical PVC waste expands

Since most disposable plastics-based devices are made from PVC, the potential for recycling is huge. RecoMed, a British take-back scheme for medical PVC waste, does just […]
PVCMed speaks at sustainable healthcare seminar

Sustainable healthcare with PVC

Sustainable healthcare was the focus of a 1-day seminar in Gothenburg, Sweden on Tuesday. PVCMed Project Manager Ole Grøndahl Hansen spoke at the event
PVC oxygen mask

The role of hospitals in the circular economy: the contribution of PVC waste management plans

Within the medical industry the possibilities for recycling and re-processing are more extensive than you might initially have believed. One of the primary materials used in […]
Plastics recycling in the Circular Economy Package Action Plan

PVCMed’s contribution to the Circular Economy

Hospitals consumes a large number of IV fluid bags made from PVC as well as large quantities of tubing and oxygen masks. A pilot programme on […]