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PVCMed well represented at Medical Plastics Conference

PVCMed Alliance at Medical Plastics Conference

Tomorrow and Wednesday the 3rd The Medical Plastics Conference is held in Brussels. Under the headline Converging Technologies into the Medical Device Arena – A New Era for Medical Polymers, experts within the medical plastic field present current status, challenges and requirements for future developments of medical polymer.

Alternatives to DEHP and PVC recycling

The conference features three PVCMed related presentations:

  • Project Manager Ole Grøndahl Hansen will give a talk about the developments in moving away from DEHP plasticiser
  • PVCMed member company Eastman will present New developments in medical PVC: Blood, bonding and regulations (Blood, sweat and tears)
  • Jane Gardner, Axion Consulting, will talk about the RecoMed scheme, which collects PVC-based medical devices for recycling in the UK

See the full programme.

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