PVC medical devices

For over 60 years, PVC medical devices have allowed patients and healthcare professionals to access an ever-widening range of medical applications for screening, diagnosis, treatment and care, with optimal technical performance, safety and comfort in use. In fact, medical PVC accounts for about 40 % of all plastics-based medical devices used in hospitals.

Medical PVC is key to modern healthcare

PVC medical devices are thus fundamental in the creation of modern healthcare systems. PVC, or vinyl, is the only material that is able to guarantee the quality and performance demanded by medical professionals and regulatory bodies. At the same time, medical PVC has enabled governments to ensure the smart use of resources and create innovative, quality-driven and financially sustainable healthcare systems.

Over the years, PVC has proved to be a safe, reliable and cost-efficient material for healthcare delivery. Add to that PVC's numerous other properties – including ease of processing with different technologies, transparency, chemical stability, long shelf-life – and you have a winning combination. As a result, PVC is now the most widely used plastic in pre-sterilised single-use medical applications.

Main applications for medical PVC

The two main application areas for medically approved PVC compounds are flexible containers and flexible medical tubing.

Other PVC healthcare applications

PVC enabled a revolution in healthcare

PVC medical devices were originally developed as replacements for natural rubber, glass and metal. Medical devices made of these materials required cleaning and re-sterilisation before reuse. The safety, high performance, low cost and versatility of PVC made it possible to manufacture single-use medical devices.

PVC enabled a revolution in healthcare

In the early 1960s, this resulted in a revolution within the healthcare sector. PVC medical applications can be easily sterilised while keeping their key properties such as flexibility and resistance to tears, scratches and kinks. PVC-based medical devices thus improved medical safety dramatically by reducing the risk of life-threatening and healthcare-acquired infections caused by traditional, multiple-use medical devices.