PVC and sustainability

The use of PVC in medical devices represents a tiny fraction of the total amounts of PVC manufactured each year. A larger share is used in hospital interiors such as flooring, walls and pipes for water and drainage.

VinylPlus - a commitment to sustainable development

The European PVC industry value chain is committed to sustainable development. Bringing together representatives from the entire value chain (PVC manufacturers additive producers and converters as represented by their European Associations ECVM, ECPI, ESPA, and EuPC), the Voluntary Commitment VinylPlus is a 10-year sustainability programme that builds on its successful predecessor Vinyl 2010.

Developed in close co-operation with the sustainable development organisation The Natural Step, VinylPlus takes the next important steps towards sustainability based on transparency, openness and dialogue. The progress is monitored by an independent Monitoring Committee and documented by yearly Progress Reports that are independently audited and verified by third parties.

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