4 Facts About PVC Blood Bags

The plastic material PVC, which is also known as vinyl, is used in an ever widening range of medical devices. This is due to PVC's affordability, high safety for patients and staff, ease of processing, and unique technical properties that include anti-kinking and biocompability.

Blood containers, popularly known as blood bags, are one of the key application areas for PVC. In fact, blood transfusion services all around the world depend on the qualities of PVC bags. Click on the infographic to learn more about PVC blood bags.
4 Facts About PVC Blood Bags


Unbreakable and light PVC containers replaced containers of fragile and heavy glass in the 1950s – a major medical breakthrough!


Sophisticated and affordable PVC blood bags continue to save lives every day.

Long storage time

PVC blood bags provide a remarkable shelf life of 42 days.


The PVC medical industry value chain work hard to create the next generation of blood containers that can safely and securely use a different plasticiser than DEHP. DEHP-free PVC is already available for other medical applications.

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