PVCMed at PVC Formulation 2017
The switch from DEHP to non-DEHP plasticisers – PVCMed at PVC Formulation 2017
PVCMed Alliance at Medical Plastics Conference
PVCMed well represented at Medical Plastics Conference
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Getting ready for recycling

PVC medical devices are well-suited for recycling – especially when DEHP substitution has been completed. Speaking to 230 delegates at PVC Formulation 2017 in Düsseldorf, this was the main message of PVCMed Project Manager Ole Grøndahl Hansen’s presentation. Following the presentation, Ole Grøndahl Hansen spent 20 minutes answering questions from the audience, ranging from “what does the new Plastic Strategy by the European Commission comprise” over “which medical applications are suitable for recycling” and “what will be the content of the new European Pharmacopeia regarding plasticisers” to “are there suitable alternatives to DEHP in blood bags?”

Among the table top exhibitors were PVCMed Alliance member companies Eastman Chemical Company and BASF, which both manufacture alternatives to DEHP.