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How to meet hygiene challenges in hospitals

Good hygiene is imperative to any hospital environment. It is estimated that more than 4 million patients in the EU acquire infections from hospital exposures every […]

How is it going with DEHP replacement in medical devices?

PVCMed Alliance went to a medical fair in Italy to find out.
Vinyl flooring in hospitals

Why PVC flooring is popular in hospitals

PVC flooring is found in healthcare facilities all around the world.
DEHP-free PVC medical devices

DEHP-free future for PVC medical devices is nearing fast

In May PVCMed Alliance attended Exposanità in Bologna. We met a medical plastic compounder and asked him about the replacement of DEHP in PVC medical devices.

How colourful vinyl covering improve patient treatment

Italian designer Sally Galotti has a mission. She wants to improve patient treatment.

The Curious Patient turns into Il Paziente Curioso

Exposanità is Europe’s second largest healthcare exhibition with nearly 30,000 visitors, over 700 exhibitors and hundreds of workshops and sessions. PVCMed Alliance was heavily represented